We are excited to announce 2015 Tech Fiesta Lite! Scheduled for September 11-20, 2015 and in association with #UmbrellaWeek. We will have some excellent opportunities for both attendees and presenters on this all-inspiring weekend! More details are coming your way but for now, please check these out!

VR Cafe (9/14)
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Tech Cocktail ABQ (9/15)
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Pitch Fiesta 4.0 (9/17)
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Tech Fiesta Mini Con (9/18-19)

Tech for Justice (9/19-20)
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September 11-20, 2015

What & Why?

2015 Tech Fiesta ‘Lite’ is a set of events and activities in association with “Umbrella Week” with presentations, panels, and gatherings from the brightest minds in the Albuquerque area. Attended by innovators, entrepreneurs, and in-house folks working in tech, development, science, and design. Join us to get a big picture view of the future of our city as well as gain valuable information to thrive in Albuquerque’s innovative culture.

When & Where?

September 11 through 20, 2015 at spots around downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico.

There's something for everyone...

That means YOU!

Tech Fiesta Albuquerque for you! Because “tech” impacts business professionals, parents, kids, students, teachers, administrators, musicians, chefs, entrepreneurs, customers, gamers, young, old… everyone. And you’re most certainly someone. Join us as we cover topics such as data, development, energy, design, entrepreneurship, and innovation. There’s something for everyone!

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